Ali is the best!!! She helps my son with his high school math courses which he struggles with. Ali is very understanding, patient, flexible, and reliable…all the wonderful attributes you would seek in a tutor. Plus she’s very relatable and communicates well with kids so they ‘get it’. If your child needs a tutor you can trust to help to not only elevate their grade but bring true understanding of math, contact Ali!!!
Chrissy G.

Ali is an amazing and talented tutor. Last year, she tutored my sophomore daughter and a classmate as they struggled through Algebra II/Trigonometry. Ali successfully guided them through tough material, and literally took my daughter from failing to A’s and B’s in the class. This year, my daughter continues to work with Ali on Pre-Calculus, and is doing very well. Ali has a calm, patient, and clear manner that truly makes my daughter feel comfortable – she is the best!

Cynthia W.

Ali is a wonderful tutor; vey patient and accepting. Ali worked with our daughter on algebra, geometry and pre-calculus throughout high school with positive results. She was always ready to spend extra time when needed. Ali has a strong understanding of the math curriculum at Northgate. I would definitely recommend her for any student needing extra help in math.
Audrey B.

Ali tutored both our Northgate students on various math classes, as well as ACT prep. She tailored her lessons to each child’s temperament. She showed up on time, and was also dependable as well as thorough. Ali is a life-long learner; she is always working at making sure she’s up to speed with the teachers at the schools and the changes in the tests. I highly recommend her.

Gordon R.

Ali has tutored both my boys in Algebra and Calculus classes during their years at Northgate. Both boys had different abilities and interests and she did a great job engaging and building their competencies. Ali is flexible in offering either group or individual sessions and she is always easy to reach through text which is great with everyone’s busy schedules. My youngest son continues to work with Ali through his junior year with Pre-calculus and is enjoying his class and confidence going into his exams which is great! I would recommend Ali as a tutor if your child is struggling or could use more confidence in their math class.

Holly S.