Services Offered

All Tutoring Services Include:

Regular contact with parents and brief email contact with teachers

Tracking student progress, and goal setting where applicable

Supplementing the school’s curriculum with extra resources on behalf of the student where necessary

Establishing a wrap-around support team with parents, teachers and counselors if the student is in danger of failing (this service has an additional cost)

Service Rates and Options

One-On-One Personlized Tutoring

Sessions are customized for each individual student based on personality, needs, and goals. Sessions are typically one hour, once or twice a week.


If your family needs more than 2 hours a week of tutoring, we can talk about a customized package deal

Small Group Tutoring

Small group sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes. They are facilitated so that students learn from each other as well as the instructor, and they depend on interest of multiple students at roughly the same level.

2 or 3 students, $90 per student, per lesson

4 to 6 students, $75 per student, per lesson

SAT/ACT Prep Tutoring

8-12 sessions are recommended if preparing for the whole test. 4-6 sessions are recommended to prepare for just one subject. Sessions are 1 and 1/2 hours long to allow for timed, hands-on practice along with the instruction.

Base rate: $200/hr

Pack of 4 lessons, paid in advance $1000

Pack of 8 lessons, paid in advance $1,950

Pack of 12 lessons, paid in advance $2,875

Ali tutored both our Northgate students on various math classes, as well as ACT prep. She tailored her lessons to each child’s temperament. She showed up on time, and was also dependable as well as thorough. Ali is a life-long learner; she is always working at making sure she’s up to speed with the teachers at the schools and the changes in the tests. I highly recommend her.

Gordon Reese

Parent of Two Northgate Graduates, 2013 and 2017

Ali has been amazing! She has been working diligently with my two 8th grade daughters, both of whom have brain injuries and 504s. Today they are graduating with the “Principal’s Award” for maintaining a 4.0 all three years of junior high school. Grades aside, the girls have learned skills and gained confidence that will serve them well in high school. We will continue to work with Ali; her kind and gentle direction in their school work has helped them (and me) more than I can explain. So grateful we found her!

Lisa Blackwell

Parent of a Las Lomas Graduate, 2024, a Campolindo graduate, 2024, and two WCI graduates, 2020

Ali is the best!!! She helped my son with his Algebra II Trig class when he began to struggle. Ali is very understanding, patient, flexible, and reliable…all the wonderful attributes you would seek in a tutor. Plus she’s very relatable and communicates well with kids so they ‘get it’. If your child needs a tutor you can trust to help to not only elevate their grade but bring a true understanding of math, contact Ali!!!

Chrissy Galbraith

Parent of Two Northgate Graduates, 2019 and 2023

Ali is an amazing and talented tutor. Last year, she tutored my sophomore daughter and a classmate as they struggled through Algebra II/Trigonometry. Ali successfully guided them through tough material, and literally took my daughter from failing to A’s and B’s in the class. This year, my daughter continues to work with Ali on Pre-Calculus, and is doing very well. Ali has a calm, patient, and clear manner that truly makes my daughter feel comfortable – she is the best!

Cynthia Williams

Parent of Northgate Graduate, 2017

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