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I provide expertise in all levels of Math up to Pre-Calculus, all levels of Writing and Reading Comprehension, Spanish I-IV, and standardized test prep including the SAT, ACT and Math/English brush up for professionals looking to improve their licenses.  Blended in with all academic subjects, I offer coaching in study and organizational skills applicable to the student’s current work and future goals. I enjoy working with students of all ages, and I welcome those with learning differences. I have significant experience working with students who are differently-abled. I understand that learners come in “all shapes and sizes!”  Whether you are struggling to simply pass a class or determined to maintain a 4.0 average, I am here to help you meet your goals.

What I Offer


Though the core of my work is academic, my true mission is more personal. We all have different ways of seeing and understanding the world. In my experience, most of our educational institutions do not have the capacity to fully honor those differences. As a 1 on 1 tutor, I do! Here are a few ways in which working with me is different:

I seek to inspire in my students a love of learning and confidence in their ability to do so.

I seek to know and understand my students on a personal level and to tailor my instruction to each one’s unique personality, needs, and style.

If I have done my job correctly, I am less a dispensary of knowledge and more a catalyst for learning.

As students' confidence improves, they become invested in their education and feel empowered to advocate for themselves


Tutoring, at its best, is teamwork, and I see the student and I as collaborators. I give my students a safe space to experiment with their creativity so they can take the risks they need in order to grow. We celebrate the process as well as the achievement because student engagement is a success in itself. Sessions typically include:

The building of foundational skills behind each problem set

Identification of gaps from previous years and regular review of areas of struggle

The bridging of concepts: relating the current lesson to past and future lessons

Study Tips! Including, but not limited to, learning joyfully and playfully from one's mistakes.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Tutoring

I am happy to offer you the options of remote tutoring via Zoom, or in-person tutoring at your home. Through the pandemic, I learned that remote tutoring can be quite effective one-on-one and works well for students with several extracurricular activities. The Zoom platform is quite user-friendly and accessible, all you need is the app (it’s free and easy to download).

However, some students have special needs and work much better in a hands-on situation with the instructor. I enjoy working with students in this method as well, and I am happy to travel to most locations in Contra Costa County (inquire within for specifics).

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If you’re ever in need of a math tutor, reach out to Ali Smookler. My son has been working with Ali since 9th grade Geometry and we’re both amazed with the results. He is starting his Junior year and is now taking Pre Calculus. Ali has done wonders for him! He has maintained an A since starting with her 2 years ago. I don’t know how she does it, but my son shows up, listens and learns! I don’t see him stressed or struggling to understand. Ali has a kind and calming nature about her which has been great for him. We’re thankful we have her.

April Wauthy

Parent of Las Lomas High School Junior, 2023

Ali has tutored both my boys in Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus during their years at Northgate. Both boys have different abilities and interests, and she did a great job at engaging them and building their competencies. My youngest son continues to work with Ali through Pre-Calculus. He is enjoying his class and feeling confident going into his exams, which is great! I would recommend Ali as a tutor if your child is struggling or could simply use more confidence in math. 

Holly Schick

Parent of two Northgate Graduates, 2017 and 2019

Ali is a wonderful, thoughtful tutor. She comes to the house and is flexible and generous with her time. My daughter’s stress level, confidence and general happiness with math was sooo much better with Ali, as were her grades! I highly recommend Ali!

Kasey Byrne

Parent of Campolindo High School Graduate, 2020

I highly recommend Ali.  She knows the material, the teachers and the school, she is a good communicator, she encourages her students, she’s flexible, and she always is looking for additional ways to support both the student and the parent.  She really cares and as a parent you really feel that support and commitment.

Duncan Rhodes

Parent of Two Northgate Graduates, 2020 and 2022

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